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Actor Daniel Radcliffe revels in his fantastic ESPN adventures

Front Row had a chance to sit with English actor Daniel Radcliffe during his recent ESPN Car Wash. Radcliffe, who stars in the upcoming film “Victor Frankenstein” that opens Wednesday, shared his passion for sports and sports films during his ESPN visit.

Radcliffe made a number of appearances on various ESPN shows including His & Hers, Russillo & Kanell#Redes, the Fantasy Football Focus Podcast with Matthew Berry and Field Yates, and a handful of others.

The “Harry Potter” actor dished on his favorite 30 for 30s, his thoughts on ESPN’s “mind-blowingly big” campus and his favorite guest appearance on the network. His love for American football might come as a shock, but he is incredibly passionate – especially about his New York Giants and fantasy football.

Video produced by Jonothon Halley-McLeod and Taylor Garrett


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