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ESPN’s Remote Operations team works tirelessly across 123 live events this week

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: In Chicago at the United Center, host Rece Davis (left at desk) preps for College GameDay Covered by State Farm from the State Farm Champions Classic.

(Derek Volner/ESPN)
(Derek Volner/ESPN)
By The Numbers

This week alone, ESPN’s Remote Operations team has planned for the following:
· 1,192 technicians deployed around the country
· 98 different Operations Producer and Specialists managing on-site operations
· 56 different mobile units used across all events
· 69 Uplinks deployed
· 47 fiber circuits secured
· 880 phone lines secured and installed
· 116 Internet bookings made
· Multiple blimps and 20 generators utilized

Live event coverage is at the heart of ESPN’s mission to serve sports fans. Vice President, Remote Operations, ESPN and ABC Sports, Chris Calcinari’s team plays an integral role in ensuring all productions run smoothly.

For close to 2800 events around the globe per year, Remote Operations oversees a wide variety of essential functions, from liaising with arena/stadium personnel, to securing and setting up all necessary technical equipment, to on-site power, to arranging transmission, to supervising all of the technicians.

While there is never a slow time for the crew, this week (Nov. 16-22) marks one of the busiest seven-day stretches for the team. With college football, college basketball, NBA and Monday Night Football productions highlighting the week, the team will support 123 live events across ESPN’s linear TV networks and ESPN3.

“We have a world class team of remote event logistics and technical experts,” Calcinari said. “Their dedication, passion and expertise are second to none, allowing us to plan for an incredibly busy week and implement our efforts seamlessly across a wide variety of productions.”

How do they do it? This photo gallery of live events ESPN is producing helps tell the story.

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