Spice of life: Behind the scenes as MNF captures New Orleans’ ‘scenics’

The band Dukes of Dixieland performs in Jackson Square. ENG videographer Barry Butcher is seen holding the camera and capturing the video.

NEW ORLEANS – As part of the presentation of the Detroit Lions-New Orleans Saints game tonight, ESPN’s Monday Night Football (8:15 p.m. ET, ESPN) will use video elements to highlight the flavor and spirit of the host city.

Each week, the group that’s responsible for producing the local scenics includes director Chip Dean, operations producer Matt Kwok, ENG videographers Joel McKee and Barry Butcher and editor Jim Dove. Throughout the week, the team is in constant communication to determine special ways to showcase the essence of the MNF city and the surrounding community.

With 30 years of experience, McKee is MNF’s resident historian. He knows what stories have been covered previously and new ideas that can be explored.

“Joel knows all the little nooks and crannies of each NFL city to get good skyline shots,” adds Butcher. “I represent the new generation by bringing all the new camera rigs, battery operated lights and I use the internet to research points of interests, local talents and events.”

Much thought and consideration goes into highlighting each city, and McKee is quick to note that the impact he and Butcher have goes far beyond the images people see on TV.

“We’re ambassadors for the show,” McKee says. “We deal with people in the community. How we represent ourselves is a reflection on Monday Night Football.”

After capturing the sights and sounds of the city, McKee and Dove begin editing.

“The picture clarity is essential to the quality of our broadcast,” Dove notes. “My job is to ensure what Barry and Joel shoot is portrayed in the highest quality possible.”

The video and pictures in slideshow above highlights elements of The Big Easy that could be part of tonight’s telecast.

Video produced by Joel McKee

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