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Chris Berman visits with resurgent Kansas City Chiefs

Chris Berman interviews Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, the second coach in NFL history to start the season 1-5 or worse and make it to the playoffs.

(Zachary Budman/ESPN)
(Zachary Budman/ESPN)

The Kansas City Chiefs finished the regular season with 10 straight wins, becoming the second team in NFL history to make the playoffs after a 1-5 record to start (Cincinnati in 1970 when the Bengals were once 1-6).

The Chiefs’ late-season turnaround caught the attention of Chris Berman, ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown host, who followed the team more closely with each win, and as the season progressed.

“What the Chiefs did this year was remarkable and I find them a very interesting team,” Berman said. “I was able to go over there during the (MLB) World Series after the Chiefs won their first game of this 10-game winning streak.”

This week, Berman returned to Kansas City for the first stop in his yearly, on-location interviews with select NFL Playoff teams.

Saturday at noon ET on ESPN, Berman’s interview, produced by Zachary Budman, includes Chiefs second-year head coach Andy Reid and some players and will air during the show. The coach and players shared with Berman how the Chiefs turned things around this season.

During the next two weeks (Divisional Playoffs and Conference Championship rounds), Berman will travel to a team in each playoff round and conduct interviews with key newsmakers for Postseason NFL Countdown.

“I do enjoy going out and talking to the coaches and players,” Berman said. “The Playoffs are a special time for those of us who follow football so intently, whether you are a fan or fortunate enough to be someone like me who gets to present it to fans each week.”

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