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April Fools’: This is NOT SportsCenter, but fans’ DIY desks rule

Randy Scott, SC anchor: “The anchors-wearing-shorts idea is an urban legend of sorts, but like most urban legends, it’s based in a little truth. We’ve all done it, just not on SportsCenter. I did it at my first job in Lawton, Okla. So did my coworker at the time, [fellow SC anchor] Matt Barrie, who got in trouble because the director took a shot from behind the desk during one show and you could see his bare legs in the shot. No more shorts after that.”

To commemorate April Fools’ Day, Front Row has gathered a collection of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) SportsCenter desks, anchors and reporters we’ve noticed populating Twitter.

In high school and college gymnasiums and even in backyards, fans have constructed their re-creations of ESPN. The resulting photos are inventive, impressive and amusing. Front Row asked SportsCenter anchors Linda Cohn, Todd Grisham, Randy Scott and Dianna Russini and SC:AM contributor Sarina Morales to share their takes, which we’ve posted in the captions above the tweets.

Andy Hall and Sheldon Spencer contributed to this post.

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