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ESPN’s EURO 2016 studio set’s moves during Paris flooding

Tuesday, May 31, at 8 a.m. – Alix Dupoux, Associate Director, International Security and Safety, inspects the rising water levels on the River Seine.

(Rob Bee/ESPN)
(Rob Bee/ESPN)

PARIS – ESPN’s UEFA EURO 2016 production management team, led by senior coordinating producer Amy Rosenfeld, have made moves worthy of Lionel Messi in response to recent historic flooding along the River Seine.

The original downtown Paris site for ESPN’s studio set was submerged in water – seven-feet high when the water crested on Saturday, June 4, six days to kickoff.

“When the rising Seine flooded our host set compound, this team rose to the challenge,” said Rosenfeld. “Rather than spend time lamenting the loss of a location secured after a year and a half of work, the group redirected their energy to an alternate host set in four days and returning us to our original location after the flooding.

“I couldn’t be more proud of what this team has accomplished.”

ESPN’s team found a great alternate location in the Paris Television Centre near the Arc de Triomphe to start the tournament on June 10. Tuesday, June 14, 10 days after the water at River Seine crested, ESPN returned to the original studio location for the quadrennial tournament.

Follow the moves in the gallery images above.

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