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Intern Chronicles: One word to describe ESPN internship

EDITOR’S NOTE: Once again this summer, Front Row’s Intern Chronicles series showcases some of ESPN’s summer interns. For more information on ESPN Internships, visit the ESPN Careers site.

With the 10-week summer internship program coming to an all-too-quick end, Front Row asked a few interns to tell us about their most memorable experiences and funniest moments. Here’s a few of them, complemented by the video above. We wish all our talented interns all the best as they return to school or embark on their careers.

  • Josh Rosenblat, Editorial intern, senior at Northwestern University
    Alex Rodriguez made his debut in 1994, the same year I was born and as soon I could pick up a ball, I tried to emulate him. This summer I covered the press conference where A-Rod and the Yankees announced that he would play his final game with the club. I’ll never forget bouncing around the Yankees clubhouse gathering reaction from players for my postgame story.
  • Author’s Experience
    While all 10 weeks of my time in the ESPN Communications department brought about exciting and diverse experiences, one of the most memorable I had was when my department went to the “Subway Series” game, Yankees at Mets, at Citi Field. It was a department outing that was both social and a learning experience as we toured the ESPN production facilities for that night’s telecast. Getting to attend and watch a sporting event with people who have helped enhanced my skills and provided a super summer experience was something truly invaluable to me and a memory I will never forget.

    Shannon Donohue, Communications intern, University of South Carolina

  • Grace Bowes, Sales and Marketing intern, senior at Stamford University
    I decided to get to my meeting early (as all good interns do) and I didn’t question the fact that I didn’t know anyone in the meeting. . . until they shut the door. I soon realized that I was definitely in the wrong meeting. I ended up sitting through the hour-long meeting quietly with executives until they asked what department I worked in and I had to tell them I was just an intern.
  • Louis Rodriguez, International Production intern, senior at the University of Missouri
    The coolest thing I did while at ESPN was play soccer with Mauro Camoranesi, a member of the 2006 Italy squad that won the World Cup. Every Thursday the people in my department go and play soccer at a nearby field and he was in town doing some EURO coverage and decided to join. Getting to share a field with this guy playing some casual pick-up games was definitely very awesome.
  • Morgan Ammons, Production intern, University of North Carolina 2016
    This summer while [running the teleprompter] for SportsCenter I was talking to anchor Zubin Mehenti who had just finished interviewing Abby Wambach. After talking to him about how much I love her he was able to introduce me to the soccer star. It was a surreal moment.
  • Isaac Teich, Editorial intern, Boston University 2016
    A fellow intern and I were driving into the main campus one day when all of the sudden, someone with circular glasses who looked a lot like the president of ESPN was driving out. Curious, we both stared down this person until it became blatantly obvious that a) We were in “intern mode” and B) that person was definitely John Skipper. Skipper rolled down his window and graciously waved at us, but we were in such shock that both of just sat there motionless. We attempted to give an awkward half-wave back but by that time he had driven away.

Mike O’Neill, Dannielle Garcia and Shannon Donohue produced the above video.

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