Bracket busted? ESPN gives you a “Second Chance” at glory

Tournament Challenge Second Chance brackets.
Tournament Challenge Second Chance brackets.

If you woke up yesterday with your bracket busted you are certainly not alone. Of the 18.8 million completed brackets entered in ESPN’s Men’s Tournament Challenge, only 18 had all the Sweet 16 teams picked correctly.

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Moreover, none of those brackets are perfect as they picked games incorrectly earlier in the tournament. The last perfect bracket fell Saturday when Butler defeated Middle Tennessee State. According to FiveThirtyEight, the odds of picking a perfect bracket are approximately one in two billion.

But what if you could have a “do-over”? What if you could forget the first two rounds of the tournament, start fresh with the Sweet 16, and still have a chance to win a prize?

Well, you can. Thanks to ESPN’s Tournament Challenge Second Chance game, any fan can pick the remaining 15 men’s tournament games and enter for a chance to win a grand prize $5,000 Amazon Gift Card.

“Your bracket being busted is something that happens to everyone, but the ups and downs of the first two rounds are so much fun we wanted to give fans a way to extend the experience,” said Vice President, Digital Product Management George Leimer. “’Second Chance’ is just another way to engage with and enjoy the tournament. It’s literally a second chance to have more fun.”

Fans can submit Tournament Challenge Second Chance brackets until Thursday, March 23, at 7:00 p.m. ET, before the start of the first Sweet 16 game, Oregon vs. Michigan in the Midwest Region.

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