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#NationalLookAlikeDay looks a lot like SVP

On #NationalLookalikeDay, it only SEEMS like everyone looks like SportsCenter anchor Scott Van Pelt.
(Melissa Rawlins/ESPN Images)

For SportsCenter anchor Scott Van Pelt, EVERY day is #NationalLookalikeDay, thanks largely to the popular recurring segment on his Midnight (ET) SC edition titled, “Where in the World Isn’t SVP?”

Show regular “Stanford” Steve Coughlin routinely combs social media for people who use the hashtags #WhereInTheWorldIsSVP or #WhereInTheWorldIsntSVP and then he shares the hits (or misses) live with Van Pelt, on-air. Hilarity ensues. Every. Time.

“I think it’s become fun simply because of how many of ‘me’ there seem to be,” genuine Van Pelt said. “We’re all over the world, apparently. Who knew? I’ve caught people taking pictures that they tell me they were going to submit to the show. It turns into me explaining that sometimes it actually IS me and not the fake SVP [which is coincidentally, his Twitter handle].”

While some of the offerings from fans fall well short (no pun intended) of truly resembling SVP, there are many that stand up tall (pun intended) to scrutiny.

“The three most important things for photo submission: bald, black chunky glasses, super hot,” Van Pelt said. “That last one people sometimes forget about. It’s upsetting. Don’t forget. . . super hot.”

Hopefully the Front Row selections below – in honor of #NationalLookAlikeDay – meet the stringent standards set forth by the REAL SVP. Catch more of SVP, “Stanford” Steve and all the late night fun tonight and all next week as NBA and NHL playoffs continue and the NFL Draft kicks into high gear.


Green chunky glasses are NOT “black chunky glasses” – NOT A LOOKALIKE

At the very least, the bride thinks this dude is “super hot” – LOOKALIKE

Gotta be a rule against former pro athletes qualifying – NOT A LOOKALIKE

Percussion with Tom Petty? Awesome – LOOKALIKE

Can’t be SVP; a true Terp never wears Carolina Blue – NOT A LOOKALIKE

Name matches but glasses don’t – NOT A LOOKALIKE

Now what just a minute here, Dallas. . . that’s not funny – LOOKALIKE

We can’t even – NOT A LOOKALIKE

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