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From Intense Sweating To An Infamous Gaffe – Colleagues Remember Fun Times with Steve Levy

Editor’s Note: Steve Levy will be recognized on Thursday night’s 11 p.m. ET SportsCenter as he begins his 25th year as a show anchor. Front Row’s week-long tribute to Levy continues today.

ESPN viewers know Steve Levy as a longtime anchor on SportsCenter and a trusted source of sports news.

Inside the walls of ESPN, Levy is known as a good-natured guy who takes his work seriously but doesn’t take himself too seriously. So if a few current and former colleagues want to have some fun at his expense, he’ll laugh along with them.

That’s exactly what happens in the video above. Current SportsCenter anchors John Anderson, Kenny Mayne and Keith Olbermann as well as ESPN Baseball Tonight host Karl Ravech recall some fun times with Levy. Among the memories: an infamous misspeak as well as his penchant for perspiration.

Former SportsCenter anchors Bill Pidto, now with MSG Network, and Gary Miller, now with WKRC-TV in Cincinnati also join the fun.

Olbermann and Mayne will be part of the recognition for Levy in the 11 p.m. ET SportsCenter Thursday night on ESPN.

Shelby Lacy and Andy Hall produced the video.

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