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Journalism Showcase: Four ESPN Writers’ Works Included In “Best SportsWriting 2021” Anthology

Before you buy the book, revisit Allison Glock, Wright Thompson, Joon Lee and Ryan McGee's acclaimed storytelling on

(Illustration: Rich Arden/ESPN Images: Photos: Allison Glock via Allison Glock; ESPN Images; book cover image courtesy Triumph Books)

Four ESPN writers’ works will be included in The Year’s Best Sports Writing 2021, a book that will be released on Oct. 5.

The book continues the tradition of a previous publication, The Best American Sports Writing. The longtime editor of that series, Glenn Stout, joined forces with Triumph Books to start a new era.

The works included in the book are selected from many newspapers, magazines, and digital publications during the previous year, celebrating writing craft about important moments. In the inaugural edition, ESPN has the most writers selected of any media outlet.

The ESPN writers and their stories in the book:

An advisory board supports the book’s inaugural edition with decades of experience in longform writing and editing, including Howard Bryant – an senior writer – Kim Cross, Latria Graham, Linda Robertson, Roberto José Andrade Franco, Michael Mooney, Alex Belth, and Ben Baby – an ESPN NFL and boxing writer.

More information on the book can be found HERE.

ESPN’s Journalism On Display

(L-R) Cooper, Peyton, Archie and Eli Manning’s stories are featured in Wright Thompson’s profile. (Photo courtesy of the Manning family)
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