Andy Hall

I joined ESPN Communications in September, 2006, and my primary focus is SportsCenter also with emphasis on other ESPN news platforms and SC Featured. My duties with ESPN also include our golf and motorsports coverage. I spent 2007-2014 responsible for Communications activities for ESPN’s NASCAR coverage, and much of my career has been spent working in motorsports (I was in NASCAR’s PR department for 15 years). I live in Florida, only a few miles from Daytona International Speedway.

And That’s The Way It Is: SC’s Barrie Preps For Cronkite School Speech

Matt Barrie previews the commencement address he'll deliver Tuesday at his alma mater, the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and…

Grueling, intense, superhuman work week ahead for versatile throwback Kevin Connors

SportsCenter anchor Kevin Connors, over the next seven days, will play the role of a true throwback broadcaster. Here's how…

“I get to tell unique stories about really interesting people in settings that you don’t normally get to see them in”

Sam Alipour swims with sharks and bathes in wine with sports' biggest stars. He's signed a multiyear deal to continue…

Ever-Ready Zubin Mehenti Agrees To Multiyear Deal With ESPN

ESPN is "a fostering, great environment." That's one of the reasons SportsCenter anchor Zubin Mehenti has agreed to a multiyear…

“She’s My Rock:” Briscoe, Pelkey reunite for SportsCenter’s F1 coverage this week

SportsCenter's coverage of F1 in Austin, Texas this week allows longtime friends - anchor Nicole Briscoe and producer Andrea Pelkey…

Please Speak When Spoken To – Siri Interrupts SportsCenter

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Journalism On Display: Nichols, Rinaldi Shine In Big Moments

In the span of four days, ESPN landed lengthy sit-down interviews with two major figures in sports, with both one-on-ones…

“He Loves Working With Me And I Just Put Up With Him”

Back from maternity leave, Elle Duncan returns to SportsCenter:AM Saturday and reunites with co-anchor Matt Barrie.

“. . . In Its Own Way The Most Fulfilling Thing I’ve Done In My 22 Years At The Company”

Host Mike Greenberg explains how tonight's 90-minute special "Comeback Season - Sports After 9/11" came to be.

Selfies, Mountains and Highways: Linda Cohn Instagrams Her Journey To the West

Me and you and a dog named Babs: Cohn, her boyfriend and best friend relocate to LA.

“A Story Unlike Any Other I’ve Ever Been A Part Of …”

#SCFeatured's Gene Wojciechowski reports on NBA star Marc Gasol's work rescuing immigrants. Preview the feature, which debuts Sunday on SportsCenter…
Journalism Showcase

Iowa Man Finds Solace Running Routes for Childhood Cancer Patients

The next SC Featured segment on SportsCenter (Sunday, 10 a.m. ET, ESPN) will tell the story of an Iowa man…

“We will continue to bow at the feet of television’s Steve Levy” – Special SC Salutes Levy’s 25 Years

Steve Levy was recognized on Thursday night’s 11 p.m. ET SportsCenter for his 25 years - and counting - run…

“Sizzling” Performances: Steve Levy’s Three Favorite “This is SportsCenter” Spots

Did Alex Ovechkin use a stunt double in the "Spy" spot with Steve Levy? Learn the answer to this and…

‘A Pro’s Pro, a Guy’s Guy’ – Colleagues Congratulate Steve Levy on 25 Years of SportsCenter

On the 25th anniversary of the start of Steve Levy's ESPN career, some co-workers of past and present offer praise…