Laurel Daggett

To a handful of colleagues here I’m a “newbie”. I joined ESPN in 1980 through a temp agency, the Kelly Girls (you might not even find that on google). I was told to report to something called E.S.P.N. at 935 Middle St. and ask for J.C. Penny. Little of that made sense to me. It’s a long story for another day, but I’m glad I answered the call. What started as a temp assignment turned into a career for which I had never planned nor imagined. As the company grew and new technologies presented themselves, as did opportunities. I’ve had the extreme good fortune to work with talented, dedicated people and bring to fruition a number of initiatives over the years that served to enhance the delivery of information to the media and to our viewers. I’m proud to serve as Vice-President for the Plainville Community Food Pantry’s Board of Directors.

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