Dave Williams

Where to start??....Born in the now famous Scranton, PA (thank you "The Office") I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University, WE ARE...PENN STATE, and spent some time working in local news before joining ESPN in 2000. Happy to see that we survived the Y2K Bug, I settled into my role as a studio technician and was operating camera for SportsCenter within an hour of my first day on the job. It was a very surreal experience then and continues to be so today. I've operated camera for just about every show we have and also worked as an editor cutting the highlights, teases, and specialty segments that run across all of our programs. My legacy as an editor lies with a clip I produced of Skip Bayless' head exploding. Hold your applause. For the past three years I've worked in ESPN's Corporate Communications where I've brought my television production background into a traditionally non-production environment in order to create multimedia content for our Internal Communications platform, ITK, as well as ESPNFrontRow.com There's no place like ESPN, I've had opportunities here that I could have only dreamed of when I used to get ready for school and watch SportsCenter over and over even though I knew it was a re-air. As an avid sports fan, ESPN is as close as I will ever get to the sports I grew up watching and continue to be passionate about. I've had a front row seat to the center of the sports world (pun intended) for 11 years now and I don't plan on giving it up anytime soon

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