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ESPN Stats and Information

Here’s your playbook: Stats & Info explains Football Power Index terminology

ESPN Stats & Info offers a list of Football Power Index terminology.
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ESPN’s Stats and Info Group thrives in numbers madness of March

ESPN's Stats and Information Group thrives during big events like the NCAA Tournaments - a look at how they do…
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Berry declares PEDs – Performance Enhancing Drinks – vital for surviving 24-hour Tournament Challenge Marathon

Endurance-tested Matthew Berry provides sage advice for ESPN's Tournament Challenge Marathon participants - it involves PEDs*.
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ESPN continues to innovate at the “Super Bowl” for sports analytics

The annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference provides ESPN opportunities to share and explore new storytelling ideas.

ESPN again plays key role in MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

ESPN once again has several prominent panelists and participants attending the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston this week.
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ESPN’s DataCenter delivers fans next-level game-watching

ESPN's DataCenter, available on ESPN3 through WatchESPN and the ESPN App, allows fans to watch the game alongside graphics that…

Kornheiser, Wilbon sign new deals with ESPN as PTI celebrates 15 years

PTI marks 15 years on ESPN this week. ESPN has signed co-hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, two of the…
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Championship Week: Strength of Record new ESPN metric for NCAA Tournament debates

ESPN​ Stats & Information's newest college basketball metric is Strength of Record. What does it all mean when evaluating NCAA…