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Golic and Wingo

“I guess, in a way, my dad shaped my career without me even knowing it”

ESPN's Trey Wingo's father Hal was a globe-trotting Life reporter and co-founder of People. Wingo salutes his dad, who brought…
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“I think I was afraid that I would look back and be completely ashamed”

30 for 30 Podcasts producer Julia Henderson explains her mixed feelings documenting the controversy behind Bikram yoga.
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Women run point Mondays on Hoop Collective NBA podcast

ESPN’s first all-women’s NBA podcast helps drive The Hoop Collective's daily download on the league.
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ESPN NBA studio update

Today, ESPN EVP Norby Williamson shared this note with employees about the company's NBA studio plans.
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ESPN’s podcast business benefits from history

"We don’t care where, we simply want to be in people’s ears!" Traug Keller explains how podcasting helps ESPN fulfill…
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Wingo hosts his final NFL Live today

Trey Wingo host his final "NFL Live" today (1:30 ET, ESPN). He reflects on his 15-year run and much more.
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Breakfast for Champion(ship): Golic and Wingo hungrily anticipate ATL remote

True grit(s): Golic and Wingo are savoring an Atlanta broadcast on #NationalChampionship Monday - especially with the prospect of breakfast…
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Front & Center Podcast: Will Cain

What's "The Will Cain Show" (3-6 p.m. ET weekdays, ESPN Radio, ESPNEWS) all about? Let him tell you.
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Golic and Wingo: Go inside launch week

ESPN Radio’s newest morning drive show Golic and Wingo (M-F, 6-10 a.m. ET, simulcast on ESPN2) launched last Monday, beginning…
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Front & Center Podcast: Planning for Golic and Wingo

In anticipation of the Nov. 27 ESPN Radio and ESPN2 debut of "Golic and Wingo," ESPN Radio's Marcia Keegan shares…
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ESPN 1000’s Waddle & Silvy call Bristol home early next week

ESPN Chicago 1000’s "Waddle & Silvy" –– hosted by former NFL receiver Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman and Chicago’s top-rated…

Katie Nolan podcast to launch in January

Launching Jan. 10th, Emmy winner Katie Nolan returns to the airwaves with a yet-to-be-named ESPN podcast.
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ESPN Chicago 1000’s Kaplan breaks news of Girardi, Yankees split

ESPN Chicago 1000's David Kaplan broke the news this morning of the Joe Girardi-Yankees split thanks to "great relationships with…
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Former NFL star Eric Davis joins ESPNLA’s afternoon show

What is former NFL star Eric Davis hoping to add to the mix of ESPNLA 710's new "Afternoons with Marcellus,…
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Jessica Mendoza debuts as ESPN Radio game analyst tonight

Jessica Mendoza continues her broadcasting pioneering ways tonight on ESPN Radio for Cubs at Brewers (7 p.m. ET). Buster Olney,…