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Text Football: Reporters Exchange Messages On ESPN The Mag Goff-Mahomes Cover Stories

Seth Wickersham and Tim Keown exchange text messages about their respective cover stories featured in the latest dual-cover issue of…
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Ninja breaks through for historic ESPN The Magazine cover

How does working with a gamer differ from working with a mainstream athlete? ESPN The Magazine's answer regarding cover subject…
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“I didn’t write about this in the story, but I found it on a wall in the locker room of his former high school”

Seth Wickersham takes readers inside his ESPN The Magazine cover story on OBJ.
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“To do justice to Bailey’s story, I had to enter his life”

Senior writer Tim Keown provides insight into his ESPN The Magazine feature that explains how invested a high school football…

“Bill Belichick never taught me how to do the Obi-Wan lightsaber flourish from Revenge of the Sith”

ESPN The Magazine's David Fleming reflects on profiling a champion of one of #TheOcho's showcased sports: lightsaber dueling.
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How does ESPN The Magazine decide who makes The BODY Issue?

Two key people in the process explain the BODY concept, anticipate the archive of 10 years of photos, more.
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“[Fans said] what happened at Auburn shouldn’t have and the truth needed to be told”

ESPN The Magazine's Tom Junod discusses profiling Auburn's controversial softball program - and the reaction to his reporting.
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“My legs felt like jelly . . . which is probably appropriate, considering the subject”

Writer Baxter Holmes explains how his saga about the NBA's obsession with PB&J sandwiches landed ESPN an "Oscar of the…
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ESPN’s “Journalism Showcase” – April 13, 2018

ESPN writer Sam Alipour's "worst-case scenario" re: interviewing NFL Draft prospect Josh Rosen: ". . . maybe I get in…
Journalism Showcase

ESPN’s “Journalism Showcase” – January 26, 2018

How did The Undefeated and ESPN The Magazine collaborate on the Mag's "State Of The Black Athlete" issue?

ESPN’s “Journalism Showcase” – December 15, 2017

Some stadium walkways resemble high-fashion runways. Learn how ESPN The Magazine photographed athletes who sport the latest looks on their…
Behind The Scenes

Inside The Magazine’s CFB Preview feature, the Fan Happiness Index

How happy are college football fans with their favorite squads? ESPN's Fan Happiness Index has the answers and we tell…
Baseball Tonight

Rivera explains how ESPN’s Béisbol Experience, featuring Latino perspectives on MLB life, blossomed

What does it mean to be a Latino player today in MLB? ESPN's "Beisbol Experience" helps provide answers; inside the…
Behind The Scenes

Eye-popping iPhone 7 Plus images: How The Mag shot BODY Issue cover subject Baez

Photographer Dylan Coulter shot the Javier Baez cover for ESPN The Magazine's BODY issue using an iPhone7 Plus - inside…
Behind The Scenes

A-List screenwriters collaborate with ESPN The Magazine for Golden State Warriors “movie”

The latest issue of ESPN the Magazine takes a different approach to telling the story of the Golden State Warriors,…