Jeremy Schaap

Olympic Sports

Despite Video Usage Restrictions, ESPN Will Have Robust Coverage of Summer Olympic Games from Paris


ESPN Celebrates World Storytelling Day

Journalism Showcase

Journalism Showcase: E60 Producer Discusses How New Documentary On Undefeated ’72 Dolphins Puts Fresh Perspective on 50-Year-Old Story

Journalism Showcase

Journalism Showcase: To Commemorate “The Play’s” 40th Anniversary, E60’s “The Band is on the Field” Tells Many Tales

Journalism Showcase

Journalism Showcase: E60 Continues Its Groundbreaking Reporting On Qatar’s World Cup Efforts


ESPN Remembers Vin Scully


ESPN’s Pam Shriver: “I believe the sport needs to look at this.”


Journalism Showcase: “E60” On the Unlikely Love Story of the Daughter of an NHL Legend and a Working-Class Wrestling Coach

Journalism Showcase

Journalism Showcase: “E60” Explains How Former Iran Hostage Reconnected With His Family At Mets Games

ESPN History

ESPN Remembers Joe Valerio


‘We gave people their voice and that’s what I’m most proud of’

ESPN Films

New In The 30 for 30 Playbook: Why ‘Deep Fake’ Technology Is Used In ‘Al Davis Vs. The NFL’


Production Notes: The Making of SportsCenter’s 2020 Year-end Special, By the Numbers


‘[The film fashions] a complete portrait of Oscar’s rise and the crime that would shock the world.’


Before 30 for 30 ‘LANCE’ concludes Sunday, ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap Recounts Covering Controversial Cycling Legend

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