Joe Tessitore


‘. . . As a family, we are so moved by the way that genuine father-son moment touched people’


‘. . .This Is The New Reality And You Have To Kind Of Adjust To That.’


Top Rank boxing’s return to ESPN Platforms Goes The (Social) Distance


Joe Tessitore On “Holey Moley’s” Return Tonight: “This year feels like full-contact mini-golf.”

ESPN History

Hear Keith Jackson Introduce The Very First Monday Night Football Game

Walt Disney Company

Extreme Miniature Golf Equals Maximium Fun: Joe Tessitore Co-Hosts ABC’s “Holey Moley”


“This Victory, It’s For Her.”

“So To Be Handed The Keys To Monday Night Football, It’s Very Special”


“It was like a custom-fitting for a suit. We asked him for his feedback about what he’d like changed”


Salters and E:60 go in-depth with wrongly-imprisoned White Sox groundskeeper

ESPN Images

“I started shouting and motioning across four lanes of traffic . . . to let them know I was there”

Behind The Scenes

New MNF teammates building chemistry at the Tessitores

Team Player

Team Player: Laura Rutledge and Jonathan McDonald

Behind The Scenes

Champion cherishes reporting on Battle of the Network Stars, airing tonight on ABC

Captured on Campus

ESPN, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Australia at Pac Man-Horn fight in Brisbane

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