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Behind The Scenes

The work of Virk: Predicting the real Oscars and the ESPN version

ESPN's very own version of Gene Shalit (Google him, kids) pulls double duty for Front Row as Adnan Virk predicts…

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Oscar predictions get the FiveThirtyEight treatment for second straight year

After nailing five of the six major categories with last year's predictive analysis, FiveThirtyEight is at it again for Sunday…

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Keith Olbermann receives 2015 Genesis Award

Keith Olbermann has won a Genesis Award for his commentaries on animal protection issues. The Humane Society Of America honored…

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Bristol Life

SportsCenter’s Adnan Virk picks the major 2014 Oscar winners

SportsCenter anchor Adnan Virk made Oscar picks for Front Row prior to the 2013 Academy Awards presentation, and the admitted…

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Behind The Scenes

Here’s SportsCenter anchor, film buff
Adnan Virk’s Top 11 Oscars snubs

“The biggest snub was Ben Affleck not being nominated for Best Director. Argo received seven nods, yet somehow the director,…

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