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Schwab’s collection: No. 3 seed


No. 3 seed: Authentic Toney Douglas Florida State jersey

This selection might be Schwab’s equivalent of  the 2011 Final Four’s Virginia Commonwealth team. Even Florida State fans might be wondering how this jersey makes the cut. While current Knicks guard Douglas is making waves as a second-year NBA player, he had a relatively low-profile college career. Schwab cherishes the jersey because it came courtesy of a Florida State fan from out of the blue, he said.

“They said, ‘Here, we have a surprise for you. This is his actual jersey,'” Schwab said. While Schwab keeps some of these jerseys stashed in his office, he likes to take great care with this one. “I usually wear a T-shirt underneath so I don’t sweat through it.”

We’ll reveal his most cherished college basketball items on Monday. Hint: Neither is a jersey. To revisit his No. 4 seed, click here.

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