Bucket List: Dave Winfield

Dave Winfield never stops studying the game.

ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst Dave Winfield was born October 3, 1951.

Does that date ring a bell? It’s the same day New York Giants outfielder Bobby Thomson hit “the Shot Heard ‘round the World,” lifting the Giants to victory over the Brooklyn Dodgers to win the National League pennant.

Maybe it’s a mere coincidence that former University of Minnesota star Winfield grew to become a coveted athlete.

The No. 4 pick overall in the June 1973 Major League Baseball draft, the eventual San Diego Padre was also taken in the ABA (Utah)‚ NBA (Atlanta) and NFL (Minnesota) drafts. He never played a down of football in college.

He’s gone on to extraordinary things in baseball and beyond.

From his 22-year Hall of Fame career to being named the third greatest all-around athlete in sports history by ESPN in 2004, Winfield has a lifetime of accomplishments.

So what else does Winfield want to do? Here’s his Bucket List:

Speak at the United Nations: “I don’t have the power to make a difference now, but if I did, I would like to work on some peace strategies between different nations.”

Achieve success in my business ventures: “I have developed the blueprints for a sports-related product and a business, and I would like to see at least one of them become a reality and very successful. The product is a piece of equipment that can help train world class/professional athletes in their specific sport to some of the highest levels that have ever been attainable.”

Attend the Summer Olympics: “I want to attend the Olympics, specifically to watch events in track, gymnastics, basketball and swimming.”

Watch my children be successful: “I want to see my children do well in college, and play the sports they love — volleyball and basketball.”

Cruise around the world: (This one’s pretty self-explanatory)

Be a big-league pitcher (well, sort of):If I could go back in time and play pro baseball again, I would have wanted to pitch a little. That’s something I did my entire life before I played professionally.”

We’re willing to bet Winfield checks at least some of these off his list.

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