ESPN History

A Look Back w/Bill on ESPN’s 32nd
Last year when ESPN turned 31 our founder Bill Rasmussen and members of his family came to Bristol for a ceremony during which the flagpole in the middle of our campus was dedicated to him.

Throughout that day, the old stories were flying and someone said “we should be taping these conversations” and so we did.

Bill returned to Bristol earlier this spring and we recruited Chuck Pagano, EVP & Chief Technology Officer and Bill Lamb, Vice-President, Transmission, two of the handful of folks who were here in September of 1979, to join him and share their stories.

That conversation is broken into more than 20 short segments with the 2nd half featuring six employees who weren’t yet born when ESPN went on the air 32 years ago.  We’ll introduce them when those segments come up.

With today being our 32nd Anniversary we thought it an opportune time to share with you the stories we captured.

I learned a lot in this first foray into the production area.  Note to self:  Hire a set designer next time!

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