Fast Break: Emmitt Smith

 Emmitt Smith with Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic

NFL Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboys legend, Emmitt Smith, was on the ESPN campus recently.

Front Row caught up with all-time leading rusher to get his take on his new book, ESPN and more.

FR: Tell us about your new book Game On

ES: The book was birthed out of the speech writing for the Hall of Fame in 2010. Arthur Joseph and I were putting together the speech for the Hall of Fame and doing so we amassed so much content we realized we had enough to create a book.  This is something that’s going to motivate people in life. Life experiences tied with spiritual verse is what we tried to do with Game On.

FR: Since you last worked for ESPN, how has the company and campus changed?

ES: The campus has changed a lot. You can now walk around the whole campus without going outdoors. When I worked here we had to go outdoors in the cold, its way better now. Overall I think ESPN is doing great stuff still. They just signed the new deal with the NFL to continue showing Monday Night Football, and that’s how it should be. It’s a good thing for the league also.

FR: Since you’ve retired, how much football do you watch and do you consider yourself a fan now?

ES: I watch football a lot. I’m a fan now. An absolute fan. I still love my Cowboys. I don’t have to go to every game; I don’t care to go to every game. I love college football, and come Sunday, you can bet football is on my television.

FR: Football season is starting up this week. What are you excited for this season?

ES: I want to see what Philadelphia does with all the talent they have now. I’m interested to see if the Patriots can bounce back. I’m eager to see if my Cowboys can finally turn the corner. I’m also interested to see what Wade Phillips does with the Texans defense. The Texans could be really good this year.

FR: You’re an NFL Hall of Famer, Dancing with the Stars champion, real-estate developer. What’s next for Emmitt?

ES: I’m in the construction business also. I’m building highways, roads and bridges. I’m trying to focus on the business aspect of my life. Besides that, trying to raise my five kids and keep my wife happy.

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