Editor’s year-end picks: Celebrating 10 years of PTI, hailing CrossFit Games

Editor’s note: As 2012 approaches, Front Row will revisit a few of our most popular posts from our first nine months of existence — just in case you missed them the first time.

In October, Front Row celebrated the 10th birthday of Pardon the Interruption with a Podcast interview with Matt Kelliher, the show’s producer. Kelliher discussed the show’s beginnings, the use of the then-innovative “rundown” bar, and the relationship between co-hosts Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon. Listen to the Front & Center Podcast interview conducted in October below:

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In the video above, Kornheiser and Wilbon celebrated the 10th birthday milestone with a very special guest.

In the video below, we share some of the highlights from that first PTI show which aired on Oct. 22, 2001.

ESPN has several employees who are devotees of CrossFit training, and the network aired several episodes of the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Our October post regarding the fitness craze was also one of Front Row’s most popular.

The video below highlights the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games marathon which airs Jan. 1, 2012 beginning at 1 p.m. ET on ESPN2.

To read the original Front Row post about CrossFit, click here.

  • Billy Jones

    Too much hype.. Decahtlon winners are the worlds fittest, not Crossfitters.

    • David Scott

      Sounds like the makings of a great Crossfit Challenge special!! Thanks for your comment Billy and for visiting us in the Front Row.

  • Ariana

    Billy, you call it too much hype, I call it dedication. I would like a decathlete to come try my sport of Crossfit. I would almost bet, they wouldn’t do as well. The difference between a Crossfitter and any other athlete is we prepare for the unprepared. We don’t train in a specific area, we are well versed in many different areas; from running, to rowing, to olympic weight lifting, to plyometrics, to gymnastics, and even dabbling in bike riding. We also can go across monkey bars, go lift 155# front squats and ride a bike for 3 miles in the span of time it may take a 5k runner to run his/her fastest race. I will also bet money on the notion that many of the Crossfit athletes (elite or not), are some of the most humble folks I have ever met. They cheer you on when you are failing, they cheer on their toughest competition and they make sure you finish what you start. You will not find this kind of sportsmanship in any other sport. I challenge you Billy, to go to a CF gym, introduce yourself, try it for 30 days, if you don’t like it, go back to what you are doing. But don’t knock a sport of fitness unless you have tried it.

    And David….it does sound like a great challenge. One that I would be willing to try. Even though I am not a decathlete, I am a Crossfitter.

  • Brian

    haha @Billy Jones

  • Randall

    Crossfit is to the Decathlon like MMA is to Boxing!!!! One is up and coming and is TV friendly; the other is dead as a doornail. The issue of Decathletes versus Crossfitters is moot! No one will be able to name a decathlete and soon, very soon, Crossfitters will be household names. Buy stock in Crossfit now!

  • Daniel

    It’s nonsense to claim “the fittest on earth”! I’m a cross fitter and love it. But am also a X collegante soccer player, active triathlete… I’ve seen some elite athletes in every sport and it would be hard to take a cross fitter and make him compete with a world class sprinter or a iron man distance triathlete. Or throw him on a field with a ball and expect for him to be technically sound enough to compete! It’s nonsense! The worlds fittest cross fitter is an a beast no doubt. But same goes for every dedicated athlete who achieves that elite statice!

    To much ego in some of these cross fitters! I’ll out squat you, out sprint you, and LSD destroy you!

    Being truly crossfit means everything and anything I agree! When was the last You swam 2000 meter open water, Or a 56 mile bike ride, followed by 1/2 marathon 13.1 mile run. Well Try combining all of the above non stop for a day see how you feel at the end of a 6 hour and 15 minute 1/2 iron man! Not to many cross fitters can go out and climb that mountain!

  • Daniel

    Ohh can’t wait for the games to start
    Love laugh and burpee

  • J

    Maybe what CrossFit should do is have an even boader series of events. Maybe like the NFL has or MLB and have multiple competitions that tests every boundry of fitness and lead it to the games? I would say lets have a 1/2 marathon, or a bike ride, then throw in some gymnastics and olympic lifthing, powerlifting, or what ever? Bring anyone and everyone from all sports and domains who thinks there elite and lets compete and see who is truely fittest.

    • David Scott

      Seems that we had some end-of-year passion spilling out over two of last week’s posts: Both CrossFit and First Take clearly have dedicated fans with distinct opinions. We are happy to be able to provide a forum for these discussions. Happy New Year to all and we look forward to continuing the dialogue we have established here in the Front Row.

  • Jason

    I’ve been doing Crossfit for a while now and I enjoy it as a workout and competition I also believe a world class athelete like Troy Polamalu or Adrian Peterson would walk into any Crossfit Gym and crush the WOD. In time, more professional athletes will enter the Crossfit games and we will all find out where elite Crossfitters stand compared to athletes from other sports.

  • Tyler

    CrossFit is the best way to become prepared for anything out there. Too many people claim, “yeah well lets see them up next to a world class sprinter or a triathlete and see who wins.” I’ll admit, the sprinter or triathlete would win, because they have trained specially for that sport. CrossFit is made to prepare you to be fit for any situation, it would be crazy to say that it makes you the best at every sport possible. It is why in the fitness triangle of CrossFit sport is at top, like a nutrition triangle, as something that is important but not the main focus. My point is the 70 year old women I train in my gym will never be in better shape than some ironman triathlete, but in the end their body will probably be healthier and more prepared for aging than the knee destroying/ muscle degenerating of distance running. The CrossFitters in the games are a level of beast that most pro athletes aren’t and they rep the sport well but cause too many people to think that a CrossFitter is some crazed person who thinks they are the best. The average CrossFit athlete is in it for the benefits the program offers on health and well-being that nothing else can really offer. I am a coach and past box owner, I believe in this way of life having tried the distance running and the body building aspecs of fitness. Nothing has made me stronger, faster, and in better health than CrossFit.

  • Tyler

    And because I am on my soap-box I would like to follow it up real quick with this: to all the people who say CrossFit doesn’t make the fittest because the games have not added in any marathon distance running so they can’t be, well then neither can marathoners because I have never seen them lift in the middle of their run or stop to climb ropes or move sleds. A CrossFitter can run marathons, sure it hasn’t been on the TV so no one will believe it but as a CrossFitter I have and I know many others who run marathons and finish with a competitive time as well as doing CrossFit.