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ESPN’s Palmer plays early morning quarterback on ‘Live! with Kelly’

The college football season is over, but one ESPN analyst hasn’t put away the microphone just yet. Jesse Palmer already has been putting his co-hosting skills through off-season training camp with the help of Live! with Kelly.

(l-r) Kelly Ripa, Dolly Parton, Jesse Palmer

After more than 13 weeks of ESPN Thursday night football games, ABC Saturday studio shows and the debut season of Palmer & Pollack every Monday, Palmer has more than a little experience sitting in a hosting chair.

His typical co-host, ESPN’s David Pollack, had a few words of advice for Kelly before the show, “Don’t talk about food. Jesse is a foodie-food snob. I hope they have good food in the green room…”

Last Thursday, Palmer pulled up a chair next to Kelly Ripa and discussed almost everything except college football, including, yes — food.

Never too far from his mind, Palmer still managed to talk about college commitments when iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove stopped by and talked about her upcoming USC Trojan plans this fall. Plus, country music legend Dolly Parton shared the Xs & Os of her new feature film Joyful Noise.

ESPN Front Row followed Palmer in the green room moments before the show, on-set and even got a few words of co-hosting advice from Kelly for Palmer’s normal right-hand man Pollack.

“Kelly makes it so easy. She’s a pro. She makes everybody look good, even me. Plus, she’s a lot better looking than my normal co-host,” Palmer laughed, just moments after the show.

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