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Herm Edwards tackles Pebble Beach

Herm Edwards gets some advice from instructor Hank Haney as he prepares for the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

After a busy Super Bowl week, NFL analyst Herm Edwards is ready to tackle a different sport.


A native of Monterey, Calif., Edwards will be a celebrity player in his hometown this weekend at the famed AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

In December, he worked with renowned instructor Hank Haney during an appearance on Golf Channel’s original series The Haney Project. Anxious to put the lessons into practice, Edwards spoke with Front Row this week about playing Pebble Beach.

Haney helps Edwards on his short game

FR: How many years have you played the Pebble Beach Pro-Am and who are you paired with this week?
I’m excited to be going back to Pebble for my second year. I’m playing with James Driscoll. I requested him again. I feel more comfortable this year, especially playing with the same pro.

FR: How did you play last year?
We missed the cut by two strokes. Spyglass gave me the most problems. That’s the course where I have to help him with more strokes. I try to stay away from Spyglass. That course is hard. It’s the hardest one in the rotation. I prefer to play the others, Monterrey Peninsula Country Club and Pebble Beach.

FR: Knowing how difficult it is, how are you prepping for Spyglass?
I’m going to take my practice round there. I’m going to get my mind right — to know what clubs I need to hit on certain holes. If my pro plays the way he did last year and I help him on some more holes, we can make the cut.

FR: Do you get nervous playing in front of a crowd?
I actually prefer the crowd to holler than be quiet. What bothers me is when they announce your name and the crowd gets quiet. I say they holler as loud as they want. I’m good.

FR: What advice did Hank Haney give you that you will take into the tournament?
The best thing really is “trust your swing” and he told me to follow through with my hands. He wants me to take it back and finish it, and not try to guide the ball. He told me to trust my swing. I love this comment: he told me to just “swing hard,” so that’s what I’m going to do.

FR: You are known for wearing some unique socks here at ESPN. Any special ones you’ll be wearing at Pebble Beach?
I’m going to get my stuff laid out when I’m home. I’ve got something in mind. You’ll just have to wait and see.

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