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Nación ESPN celebrates first year with fans, guest stars at L.A. Live party

LOS ANGELES — Last week, ESPN Deportes celebrated the first anniversary of Nación ESPN, a unique show that caters the voice of the fan while delivering the latest in sports in a fun, edgy, innovative and culturally relevant way.

As part of the celebration, Nación took a trip outside of the studios for the first time with a special show from the L.A. Live Plaza. With the fans as a backdrop and closer than ever, hosts Adriana Monsalve and David Faitelson were joined by renowned sports personalities.

They included ESPN’s Rafa Ramos and Bernardo Osuna, Mexican-Brazilian soccer star Luis Alberto Zaque, renowned Mexican soccer stars Ramon Ramirez and Claudio Suarez, and boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez.

By the way, that person to Chavez’ right in the mask is the champ’s “twin” Juan Pablo Fernández, a comedian who impersonates famous sports icons and analysts.

On a state-of-the-art set, Adriana and David welcomed the crowd and its special guests presenting several surprises, heated debates and friendly competitions.

Take a look at the celebration video above, narrated by coordinating producer Ignacio Garcia.

Over the past 12 months, Nación has been able to deliver sports news like no other show. Modeled after ESPN’s Sports Emmy-Award winning, fan-interactive program SportsNation on ESPN, Nación ESPN informs, interacts, and amuses, to serve fans with the information they want –highlights, statistics, expertise and analysis.

Nación airs weekdays at 10:00pm ET on ESPN Deportes.

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