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Front & Center: OTL’s Steve Delsohn on Jim McMahon feature

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(NOTE: OTL is on ESPN at 9 a.m. ET Sunday not what is referenced in podcast.)

In the ever-resonant Super Bowl Shuffle video/song of the Chicago Bears’ championship season of 1985, he was the “punky QB, known as McMahon.” More than 25 years later, Jim McMahon isn’t quite so punky any more and his quarterbacking days are long behind him. But the after-effects of his 15-year NFL career, that ended in 1996, remain with the 52-year-old in ways he wishes they didn’t.

On this Sunday’s Outside the Lines (ESPN, 9 a.m. ET, hosted by Bob Ley), reporter Steve Delsohn visits with McMahon at his Arizona home and discusses the short term memory loss McMahon says is caused by the repeated head trauma he endured as an NFL player.

McMahon is one of hundreds of former players now suing the NFL, claiming the league not only failed to properly treat the concussions of players, but concealed information about their long-term impact.

In the “Front & Center” podcast above, Delsohn, a Chicago native, discusses his latest OTL piece; the emotions of seeing McMahon in his current state; and what McMahon hopes can be gained from his involvement in the lawsuit.

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