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Seems like old times: MLB analyst Glanville vs. ‘Car Wash’ guest Abbott

The Bristol “Car Wash” can present interesting opportunities for guests and ESPN employees alike.

During his visit to our campus Wednesday, Jim Abbott graciously agreed to spend a few minutes pitching WIFFLE® ball to 10 ESPN employees.

As an added bonus, the former New York Yankees star — who was here to promote his book Imperfect — faced off with MLB foe Doug Glanville for a few warmup pitches.

Now an MLB analyst for ESPN, former Philadelphia Phillies star Glanville agreed to take a few cuts against Abbott before returning to his workday.

Even years after their respective retirements from the game, Glanville was fairly confident he’d be able to make contact against Abbott.

After a quick glance at his stats versus Abbott in Baseball Reference, Glanville relished the fact that he hit .750 (3-for-4) in their encounters.

In the video above, Glanville discussed his game plan for the Wiffleball rematch before taking a few cuts.

The result: Glanville admits this might get him the kind of ribbing he received for an errant 2011 first pitch at Wrigley Field.

We’ll have more footage from the Abbott versus ESPN Wiffleball event in the coming days on Front Row.

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