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Fan Service at Your Fingertips:
Introducing ESPN Fan Central

Let’s get the intro out of the way: I recently joined the ESPN Communications Department as its manager of fan service and social media. Notice I said fan service? While my official title says manager of customer service, we call it fan service around here and for good reason.

It’s fan service because we’re fans, just like you. We’re just fortunate enough to work here. Trust us, we know how it is. Before joining ESPN, we always wanted to know what life was like in Bristol. We had questions about ESPN programs, live events, on-air talent, the Bristol campus, etc. Like some of you, we always wished we had a go-to source for these answers.

Now you do! Enter the Fan Central team. We’re here to be your answer source, sounding board and ESPN encyclopedia. You want to know about our programs, personalities, history, or anything else, send us those questions and we’ll get you the answers.

Since you’re passionate sports fans just like us, we know you have opinions, ideas, comments, and (gulp) complaints. Send those our way as well. While I can’t promise we can solve all your problems, we will listen, get back to you, or at the very least, make sure the right people hear and/or see what you have to say.

So how does all this happen? It’s simple. First, make sure you follow us on Twitter @ESPN_FanCentral. Also be sure to follow me, @JoeWalshESPN, and the other member of our Fan Central team, Stephen McDonald, @StephenM_ESPN.

You also can e-mail your questions, comments and compliments (yes, we accept those too!) to [email protected]. Who knows? Your question may be part of a future Fan Central Mailbag column. [Note: Sending us an e-mail or tweet means you have given us permission to use your name and question/statement in future Front Row posts or on similar outlets.]

Now you didn’t think I was going to end this post with a legal disclaimer, did you? No, since we’re fans, it’s only fitting that we launch Fan Central by answering some questions you might have about us. And next week, we’ll be back on Front Row addressing some of the most frequently asked questions we get from you, the fans, about the upcoming college football season on ESPN. For all ESPN-related questions, don’t forget, send them to [email protected].

Video produced by Stephen McDonald.

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