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The envelopes, please: SportsCenter’s Adnan Virk reveals his Oscar picks

ESPN's Adnan Virk (Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)
ESPN’s Adnan Virk (Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)

Editor’s note: In January, when the nominations for the 2013 Academy Awards were announced, SportsCenter anchor and film buff Adnan Virk weighed in with his thoughts about the Top 11 Oscar Snubs. Below, he shares with Front Row his picks in the various Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences categories. The Academy Awards air Sunday on ABC, beginning at 7 p.m. ET.

I love Oscar Night. While I recognize the massive self-absorption and narcissism of the entire affair, I love motion pictures. I celebrate the celebration of them.

I’ve seen every movie nominated for best picture, director, actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, original screenplay and adapted screenplay.

I try to do so every year. I have to neglect my family but did it again!

Since I don’t have the ability to attend the Academy Awards ceremonies, I’ll be watching on my couch, dressed up in a tux. In honor of Lincoln, I’ll be wearing a top hat and speaking to my wife and kids in a high, reedy voice.

Best Picture
Will win: Argo. Ben Affleck’s snub for best director could be the best thing to happen to the film. Now on a tidal wave of outrage and sympathy, the film has won the Producers Guild award, Writers Guild and Screen Actors Guild awards. The last film to win the PGA, WGA and SAG and not win the Academy Award for Best Picture was Apollo 13. But Driving Miss Daisy won Best Picture in 1989 without a Best Director nomination and so Argo doesn’t have to entirely set precedent.

I’d like to see win: A toss up between Lincoln and Argo. I loved both films and would be happy if either was recognized.

“I'll be watching on my couch, in a tux and in honor of Lincoln wearing a top hat and speaking to my wife and kids in a high, reedy voice.”
“I’ll be watching on my couch, in a tux and in honor of Lincoln wearing a top hat. . .”

Best Actor
Will win: Daniel Day-Lewis [Lincoln] in the slam dunk of the century. He’s won every major award and is the best actor of his generation, despite [ESPNRadio host] Colin Cowherd’s disdain for him.

I’d like to see win: DDL. If it was up to me, he’d be on the verge of his fourth Best Actor Oscar win, since I think he should’ve won for Gangs of New York. In any event, he’ll make history as the first actor ever to win three Best Actor Academy Awards.

Best actress
Will win: Jennifer Lawrence [Silver Linings Playbook]. The entire cast was nominated and the young star will cap off a strong year with the box office grosses of The Hunger Games as well. She was previously nominated for Winter’s Bone.

I’d like to see: Naomi Watts win for The Impossible. A harrowing portrayal of a true life tale, a mother desperate to stay alive and find her family after a devastating tsunami tears them apart. Heartbreaking work.

Best supporting actor
Will win: In a category where every actor is a previous nominee, Tommy Lee Jones will be recognized for his work in Lincoln, as a gruff abolitionist with considerable verbal calisthenics.

I’d like to see: Phillip Seymour Hoffman for his hypnotic work in the under-appreciated The Master or Robert DeNiro in Silver Linings Playbook, playing an obsessive-compulsive father who loves his son but lacks the emotional ability to tell him so. It’s Bobby D’s first nomination in more than 20 years and his first win in 32 years would be nice.

Supporting actress
Will win: Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables. She lost 20 pounds for the role as the waif-like Fantine, the emotional heart of the musical.

I’d like to see win: Hathaway. Her rendition of I Dreamed A Dream is one of the most indelible scenes of the year.

Best Director
Will win: Without Affleck nominated, Steven Spielberg will receive his third Oscar for directing.

I’d like to see win: David O. Russell for The Silver Linings Playbook. He’s known for his highly improvisational approach; actors swear by Russell and he does a masterful job of balancing between drama and comedy.

Adnan’s Final Curtain: Let’s hope Oscars host Seth MacFarlane is in the vein of Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes and skewers Hollywood with wit and charm — and that the show ends well before midnight.

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