Behind The Scenes

Ex-MLB manager Ozzie Guillen answers fans questions in conjunction with ESPN Deportes’ WBC coverage

ESPN Deportes’ start-to-finish coverage of the World Baseball Classic concludes tonight with the championship game between Caribbean baseball powerhouses, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico (8 p.m. ET).

Former MLB manager, Ozzie Guillen, has been providing commentary for the network’s World Baseball Classic semifinal games alongside signature baseball commentator Ernesto Jerez. The duo handles tonight’s contest as well.

As part of Deportes’ continuing social media efforts, Ozzie answered a questions sent in by fans via the ESPN Deportes Twitter account. The questions included topics such as his most important games as a MLB manager and his thoughts on the schedule and rules of the World Baseball Classic. (Video above)

Guillen expressed his delight with the scheduling of the tournament considering it gives the players extra training time before the MLB regular season gets underway. Ozzie also spoke about how he believes the restrictions put in place for pitcher’s throws are ultimately a beneficial measure as it prevents injuries that could affect the professional careers of many of these players.

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