Today’s 1 p.m. ET SportsCenter gets a statistical breakdown – #SCStatShow

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At the end of today’s 2 p.m. ET SportsCenter, anchor David Lloyd might look into the camera and give his own version of the classic conclusion to each Looney Tunes cartoon: “Stat’s all, folks!”

Referred to as “SIG Takes Over SportsCenter” within ESPN’s newsroom – and #SCStatShow for all you hashtaggers – the network’s Stats & Information Group will have its facts and figures footprint all over Wednesday’s 1-2 p.m. show anchored by Lloyd and Jonathan Coachman.

“The plan is to do something a little different — barring any breaking news — and present a statistics-driven hour prompting discussion of the day’s most pressing sport issues from an analytical standpoint,” said SportsCenter Senior Coordinating Producer Mark Summer. “Through cooperation with our Stats & Information Group, SportsCenter will go inside the numbers and allow viewers to make an opinion based purely on statistics and research. Some of the conclusions are sure to surprise.”

“It’s a great opportunity for our group to showcase the unique way we’re able to support ESPN’s coverage on TV, dotcom, Audio and elsewhere,” said Researcher Jason Starrett, who is overseeing SIG’s involvement in the hour. “My hope is to take a handful of storylines around sports — both present and looking ahead — and offer new context using all the resources at our disposal. It should be a lot of fun.”

SIG – a popular Twitter follow – is already digging up details and angles to support and/or refute hot button topics including:

· Will Peyton Manning and Wes Welker really be awesome for the Denver Broncos?
· Can Tiger Woods catch Jack Nicklaus?
· Why Dwight Howard wasn’t the most valuable big man signed in free agency
· Yasiel Puig: Real deal or flash in the pan?
· Miguel Cabrera — bound to make history, again?

“We won’t hold anything back — there will be no stat too ‘Next Level’ and no metric too advanced,” said Researcher J.B. Kritz, who is also assigned to SIG’s big hour of numbers power. “We plan on unloading our best content so fans tuning in will catch the very best of our eye-popping ‘Wow!’ stats, and hopefully come away with a whole new bag of tricks to impress around the water cooler.”

Fans can also get involved in #SCTrivia, which will be sprinkled in throughout the hour, and will involve prizes for correct answers.

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