Robinson Cano “Handshakes” spot earns best “This is SportsCenter” honors

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Final TISC Rankings

1. Handshakes – 70.10%
2. Clayton – 67.69%
3. Betrayal – 67.60%
4. Wet Willy – 66.62%
5. The Spy – 65.36%
6. Musical Chairs – 65.34%
7. Old Timers – 63.79%
8. Y2K – 60.72%
9. The Kid – 57.75%
10. Gallery – 56.00%

Total Votes Cast 1,101,100
(Fans gave each commercial a rating on a scale of 1 to 10. For instance, Handshakes received 70.10%, meaning its average vote was a 7.1 on a scale of 1 to 10. The Top 50 spots were decided by a panel of some of the talent that appeared in the commercials, along with some of the spots’ creators and ESPN producers.)[/box]

In what some might consider a minor upset, last night’s “This is SportsCenter Top 50 Countdown” special revealed that fans have chosen “Handshakes,” with Robinson Cano as their all-time favorite in the long-running campaign.

Cano’s spot edged ESPN’s own John Clayton’s hilarious TISC ad in the voting, which tallied over one million votes.

Adding to the prestige of the honor for Cano’s TISC turn is the fact it was the first-ever bi-lingual ad in the history of the campaign.

“The idea for this really came from our company priority to intensify our efforts to serve U.S. Hispanic fans,” ESPN’s Senior Director, Sports Marketing, Jeff Gonyo told Front Row earlier this year. “As a department, we were thinking of ways to leverage that priority. One of the ideas that came to us was to develop dual language ‘This is SportsCenter‘ spots in Spanish and English.”

As Gonyo said at the time, “Every ethnicity and every team all across the world does the same thing after a game ends. They shake hands in one way or another. We think that universality. . . will resonate with sports fans in both Spanish and English.”

That was indeed the case as Cano can now lay claim to not only his All Star selections and his World Series title, but also the coveted Greatest TISC Ad crown.

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