ICYMI: The week on Front Row; PLUS Get a sample of College GameDay’s preparations for Bama-A&M

College GameDay is in College Station, Texas this week for the latest “Game Of The Century” as defending national champion Alabama visits Texas A&M and Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Front Row’s cameras are putting together a behind-the-scenes look at College GameDay’s visit. Check out the 30-second tease for a sample of the preparations for the show, which airs beginning at 9 a.m. ET this morning (Saturday) on ESPN and WatchESPN. Return to Front Row next week for more exclusive access to the GameDay team.

– By Sheldon Spencer

ICYMI: Highlights from the past week on Front Row

Brent Musburger spoke with Front Row about his memorable Saturday Night Football interview with Eminem, his wife’s thoughts on it, autographs and more.

• Country music star Gretchen Wilson lends her voice to ESPN’s Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup coverage.

Wright Thompson’s ‘Gainesville’ puts him in the songwriting game with Drew Kennedy.

• Astronaut Chris Cassidy introduces SportsCenter’s ‘Top 10 Plays’ from 240 miles above Earth.

Row of Four
Our favorites from across ESPN over the past week

• From espnW’s Kate FaganThe Feminization of Bill Laimbeer.

• Video: “Numbers Never Liebreaks down why Johnny Manziel is especially suited to take on Alabama.

• From ESPN ombudsman Robert Lipsyte: So what if ESPN refused to use the R-word?

• Enjoy an array of photos from the ESPN Images’ Instagram page

Video produced by Dave Williams

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