The Monday Lineup: Seven ESPN moments from the weekend

Some of what you may have missed over the weekend from ESPN:

1. ESPN Radio’s coverage of the MLB Playoffs features more than just insightful analysis from the likes of Chris Singleton, as evidenced by the tweet below. Said Singleton: “It was a thrill making that grab in such a big game! I hadn’t caught one from the booth since 2007. I was tracking it the entire way and stood up at the last moment when I realized it was actually going to enter the booth and I made a clean grab.”

2. ESPN was well-represented at Northwestern this weekend.

3. Monday Night Football has the Jets at the Falcons tonight (8:25 p.m. ET). On Monday Night Countdown (6:30 p.m.), Lisa Salters has a sitdown with Jets quarterback, Geno Smith.

(Chris Wondoloski/ESPN)
(Chris Wondoloski/ESPN)

4. Worth watching, if you didn’t get to see it on College GameDay.

5. Speaking of GameDay, another first visit is on deck for this coming Saturday.

6. Sometimes, ESPN’s presence at an event can have unintended consequences.

Click here to see what we mean. (Via:

7. Today’s @SVPandRussillo will feature the payoff from a bet gone horribly wrong.

Kristen Hudak, Bill Hofheimer and Andy Hall contributed to this post

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