#TBT: through the years

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Welcome to another edition of #TBT: Throwback Thursday.

1995 ESPN SportsNet press release

In the early 1990s, Greg Hollobaugh, creative director of Seattle-based Starwave Corporation, sketched a design concept of a sports information page. In the ensuing months, ESPN Enterprises, Inc. and Starwave took that sketch and developed the concept.

April 2, 1995 marked the debut of an online sports information service called ESPNET SportsZone, a brand which eventually became known as The website had a lot of innovative pages from the start: For example, an MLB player’s profile had a “hit chart” illustrating his batting history.

The website grew in popularity. Just this past month, there were 11.01 million brackets submitted to for the Men’s NCAA Tournament Challenge.

Browse through the slideshow above to see just a few examples of how’s look has evolved.

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