ESPN Deportes hopes fans will “stick” with its World Cup coverage

Among Hispanic soccer fans, filling the World Cup “sticker album” is a time-honored tradition. ESPN Deportes’ marketing team pays tribute to that ritual in its latest marketing campaign promoting the network’s news and information coverage around the World Cup.

ESPN Deportes boasts a galaxy of soccer experts, who are highlighted in the new World Cup campaign. (ESPN Deportes)
ESPN Deportes boasts a galaxy of soccer experts, who are highlighted in the new World Cup campaign.
(ESPN Deportes)

The campaign, entitled Figuras Mundialistas [The World Cup Figures], aims at connecting with fans while incorporating ESPN Deportes’ diverse team of soccer experts. The video above, which debuted this week on ESPN Deportes, is one aspect of the campaign.

Santa Brito, senior marketing manager, and Tomas Casabal, on-air promotions producer, who led the campaign, tell Front Row how they came up with the concept:

What is the focus of your marketing campaign for the World Cup?
SB: We knew that World Cup would be at the center of every conversation across Spanish-language television so our objective was very clear – execute a consumer campaign that would break through and connect with Hispanic fans. To accomplish this, we went back to one of the key ingredients that makes the Deportes brand unique – our talent roster.

We have an incredible talent lineup covering the event from Brazil – six of whom have represented their countries in this tournament. We know that the perspective they bring to our analysis comes from their experience on the field.

What is the concept behind the World Cup sticker album?
TC: Our brief was very clear, to promote this roster of talent that will participate in our news and information coverage. It includes World Cup champions and national team players, coupled with experienced journalists, some of whom have covered the past 10 World Cups.

The idea that all of them had “played” World Cups either on the field or off the field, was a direct connection with the traditional World Cup Album, where only the best of the best make it in. We felt that the album idea had a direct emotional connection with our talent audience – childhood memories, father-daughter experiences, etc.

What is so unique about this campaign?
TC: We feel that this concept is not the traditional way of selling a news and information coverage. Typically, we see creative that relies on site scenics, show footage and hard sale voiceovers. What’s unique about our campaign is that while it delivers the core message, it does so in a novel and memorable way by tying in a tradition that soccer fans look forward to every four years.

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