Frankly, Kurkjian was so-so in Sausage Race

Tim Kurkjian
Tim Kurkjian prior to race time, getting used to his outfit. (ESPN)

Tim Kurkjian: ESPN MLB Insider. Baseball Tonight analyst. Legendary baseball reporter. Hot dog?

Kurkjian’s long and storied career went to places he likely never imagined on the June 23 edition of Monday Night Baseball, when he donned the No. 4 Frankie Furter hot dog suit and participated in the famous Milwaukee Brewers’ Sausage Race. The race was aired live as part of ESPN’s Washington Nationals-Brewers coverage.

As for Tim’s performance? Let’s just say the beloved and respected journalist tried his best. And, despite some good-natured ribbing from his colleagues and fans – something he’s quite used to – Kurkjian took it all in stride.

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