Meet some of the Sunday NFL Countdown storytellers

ESPN’s signature NFL pregame Sunday NFL Countdown show has aired some captivating, memorable stories throughout the season.

There was the story of Devon Still coping with a young daughter stricken by cancer; Joe Haden’s bond with his brother; a soldier mailing his good conduct medal to the Steelers’ Antonio Brown; the players who caught only one touchdown pass from Peyton Manning; and many more.

Behind these stories are the feature producers who shape them – from the idea, interviews and script-writing through edits.

“The feature producers on this show are our difference-makers,” said Greg Jewell, coordinating producer, Sunday NFL Countdown. “Individually, and as a team, they are a very creative group. It is fascinating to see how their ideas each Monday turn into stories that give our viewers insight into the personalities and issues we cover every NFL Sunday.”

Ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX Postseason NFL Countdown (ESPN, Sunday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. ET), Front Row highlights some of the storytellers whose pieces will air during the four-hour preview show.

(David Pierpoint)
Sunday NFL Countdown Feature Producers (L-R): Michael O’Connor, Chad Minutillo, Dom Goodridge, Gavin Cote, Zach Budman, Rachel Sampson, Meghan Robinson, David Pierpont and Luke Williams. (Not pictured: Luis Aldea, Tory Zawacki, Terrell Bouza, Harrison Altman and Randy Sobel) (David Pierpont)
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