Fifth Annual ESPN “Zippy Z” Hackathon spawns more ideas serving sports fans

How does ESPN Digital Media respond to producing the most prolific digital year in the history of the sports category? By working even harder to celebrate ESPN’s culture of innovation in the name of one of its own who embodied that culture.

At the Fifth Annual ESPN “Zippy Z” Hackathon – named for John Zehr, the late senior vice president of ESPN Mobile – 13 teams of ESPN’s best developers, designers, engineers, and others from ESPN’s Product team were given just 24 hours to create working prototypes of potential ESPN Digital products.

Culled from nearly 100 ideas submitted from throughout the company, each team presented their work in 3 minutes or less, all judged by a panel of ESPN’s senior leaders, including Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Aaron LaBerge; Vice President and Editorial Director Patrick Stiegman; and Senior Vice President, Digital Product Management Ryan Spoon. Darren Rovell, ESPN sports business analyst, was the host.

In the video above, go behind the scenes of the Hackathon to get a glimpse of what’s involved in ESPN’s ongoing mission to innovate.

Video produced by Samantha Baron

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