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Father’s Day reflections from a few ESPN colleagues with family ties


Barry and Maddy Rahmy.
Barry and Maddy Rahmy (Photos courtesy of the Rahmys)

Working non-traditional hours, traveling the globe for sporting events and spending years with coworkers can make colleagues feel like family, but a handful of ESPN employees take that sentiment to another level.

In celebration of Father’s Day, Front Row is shining the spotlight on a few of the father/offspring pairs who work full-time at ESPN’s Bristol, Conn., campus. We asked them what it feels like to work for the same company, what it has meant to their family and how it has influenced their careers.

Barry Rahmy, Senior Director, Planning & Development, 35 years at ESPN
Maddy Rahmy, Marketing Coordinator, 2 years at ESPN

What it’s like working with your father/daughter?
Barry: It’s incredibly gratifying to see one of my kids in action as a grownup. Working at ESPN was never part of Maddy’s plan, but darned if she doesn’t have an aptitude for it.
Maddy: I have always looked up to my dad, but my respect and admiration for him and his work ethic has grown infinitely since joining the ESPN family. I am grateful for his constant support and the space he has given me to forge my own path within the company.

A favorite father/daughter experience:
Barry: Her primary responsibility entails working with Creative Services [Barry’s group]. The universe is a cruel and amusing place.
Maddy: I think it’s really special we have been able to share my first years in the workforce together. Good day or bad day, he understands in a way only another ESPN employee can. Also, we run into each other on campus more than we plan to, which is always fun!

Father’s Day message from Maddy:
Dad, thank you for everything you have done for our family. Words could never express how much you mean to me and how grateful I am to share my ESPN experience with you. You are my superhero. Love you, Poj!

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