Lights, cameras, the annual holiday SportsCenter ESPN employee credit roll

ESPN’s end-of-the-year credit roll, which runs annually around the holidays, is a way to acknowledge the many individuals who contributed to ESPN’s success throughout the year. The tradition began many years ago as a public acknowledgement of all the dedicated people both in front of the cameras and behind the scenes, although what used to take under a minute to display now lasts 30 minutes.

This year’s roll debuted at the end of the 11:30 p.m. ET edition of SportsCenter on Saturday, Dec. 24 (credits began at approximately 12:30 a.m., depending on the conclusion of the Hawaii Bowl that precedes SportsCenter). As has been the tradition, the roll features a continual stream of “This is SportsCenter” commercials. A background scene refresh this year includes some of ESPN’s on-air talent in various, animated holiday scenes.

Credit roll contributors
Producers: Mike L’Etoile, Bob Johnson and Jessica Gonnella
Director/editor: Jason Sharkey and Joe Frady
Creative Services design team: Carol Boyle (Bristol), Christopher Pelczynski (LAPC), Anthony Perez (LAPC) and Matthew Metoyer (LAPC)
This is SportsCenter commercials: Emma Suojanen, Jack Courage, Amanda Marcotullio
Music: Claude Mitchell, Kevin Wilson, Joanne Strange, Alex Santana, Mark Bonds and Roland Mathews
Application support: Stephen Berntsen, Mike Flannery and Jeff Miles
Name List Procurement: Sandy Maier
Holiday Credit Roll Fun Facts

Number of names displayed:

Longest Name (33 letters):
Mohanraj Naidu Colnal Ramaswamy Naidu (Enterprise Software Engineering)

Shortest names: (Five letters):

  • Ed Eck (Production)
  • Li Shi (Advanced Technology)
  • Yun Lo (Production Operations – LA)

Those sharing a last name with College Football Playoff Semifinal head coaches:

Urban Meyer (Ohio State):

  • Josslyn Meyer (Studio Directing)
  • Kimberly Meyer (Stats & Information)
  • Lucas Meyer (International – Brazil)
  • Michael Meyer (Remote Operations)
  • Chris Petersen (Washington)
  • Brady Petersen (Operations)

Those sharing a last name with College Football Playoff Semifinal starting QBs:

Deshaun Watson (Clemson)

  • Aaron Watson (Operations)
  • Amie Watson (Human Resources)
  • Bruce Watson (Event & Single-Sport Studio Production)
  • Cassandra Watson (Product Development)
  • Chris Watson (Studio Design & Development)
  • Lindsay Watson (Motion Graphics)
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