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“And furthermore . . . ” First Take viewer contest winners review show appearances

First Take, Your Take” highlights

How did the sports experts assess the fans’ work on First Take?

Molly on Chrystal’s Cowboys segment: “Not only did you represent for the ladies, not only did you represent for Cowboys nation, you absolutely killed it.”

Stephen A. on Mikal’s Kevin Durant segment: “I give you an A. You had a chance to get an A-plus, but you tried to roll with Max.”


Chrystal Stone:

Mikal Goodman

The two winners of the “First Take, Your Take” viewer contest – Chrystal Stone and Mikal Goodman – joined Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim at the desk on First Take on Tuesday, Jan. 17, and Wednesday, Jan. 18, respectively, to debate the day’s news.

Stone is from New York City and is an executive assistant at a biotech company. Goodman is from Miami and is a national account manager at a telecommunications manufacturing company.

Front Row had the chance to talk with Stone and Goodman about their experience.

What were Stephen A., Max and Molly like in real life?
They were very supportive of me and I wasn’t expecting that. It’s a very supportive environment to be in. Stephen A. said I won, he said I beat him. Max is cool. And Molly is lovely.
Goodman: The whole team was super cool and very helpful behind the scenes. They gave me pointers and really wanted the best for me.

What’s it like being on set and on camera?
Stone: I thought there was going to be a camera in my face and all these people around, but it was just me, Stephen A., Max and Molly. There was nothing else in my view, so I was able to focus on what they were saying and what I was going to say next.

Goodman: It’s intense, it’s fun, and it’s going at it. The lights are bright, the cameras are on you, and all eyes are on you. You just have fun and live in the moment.

How are the topics chosen?
Stone: I did all this preparation, but we don’t decide the topics until the morning of the show so it was interesting to throw out topics and what I thought about certain things and what worked and what didn’t work.

Goodman: Nothing is scripted about the show. There are meetings in the morning to go over opinions and topics and then when you get on the show, you state your opinion. Nothing is “you have to say this, you have to say that,” it’s strictly a debate about what you feel passionate about.

Last thoughts?
Stone: This was so much fun! I was so nervous, but I feel like I did a really good job, and I’m glad I was able to represent [Dallas] Cowboys Nation and all the ladies out there.

Goodman: There are no other shows bringing on the average fan. It’s extremely humbling and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity.

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