E:60Journalism Showcase

ESPN’s “Journalism Showcase” – September 1, 2017

E:60 host Jeremy Schaap tells the story of two brothers this Sunday on E:60 at 9 a.m. ET on ESPN, 12 p.m. ET on ESPNEWS. One brother is a current NFL quarterback, the other is a retired NFL quarterback. Not the Mannings, but the story of Derek and David Carr.

“Everybody knows the story of the Manning brothers, but in many ways, I find the story of the Carr brothers more compelling – because David didn’t succeed the way Peyton did, and because of that Derek absorbed different lessons than I think Eli did,” Schaap said. “Derek was also drafted later than he would have been if David had been a star. As crazy as it sounds, people in the NFL held David’s career against Derek, even though David never really got a fair chance to deliver on his potential.” (Derek fell to the second round where he was drafted No. 36 overall in 2014 by the Oakland Raiders.)

Schaap said he and producer John Minton’s original plan was to focus on the story of Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. However, once they began, a new plan evolved.

“It wasn’t until we interviewed Derek that we decided the focus of the story really had to be his relationship with David,” Schaap said. “The way Derek talks about growing up at David’s side – and the remarkable video of him as a little kid, always at David’s side, always bragging about his brother – made the decision easy.”

Schaap said that he and Minton realized Derek and David’s stories were actually one story and so it made perfect sense to combine them.

“What’s fascinating, too, is how Derek’s life has been shaped by David’s experiences–and how David’s challenges in the NFL have affected Derek.”

Schaap will host Sunday’s E:60 live with reporter Lisa Salters, who is filling in for Bob Ley this week. Derek Carr makes his regular-season debut on Sept. 10., when the Raiders take on the Tennessee Titans.

Journalism on Display

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