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ESPN’s Year In Review 2017

In 2017, ESPN strategically strengthened its position as the clear No. 1 in sports media, unparalleled in scope, consumption and brand strength. With the leading portfolio of marquee sports rights, ESPN’s innovative forward thinking was in evidence in many ways throughout the year – its first Academy Award, rising ratings in prime time, leading the industry to evolutionary measurement practices and expanding digital offerings, notably ESPN+ coming in 2018.

The video above reviews many of ESPN’s accomplishments in 2017.

David Scott produced the video.
Tara Chozet, Anna Negron, Kristie Adler, Angela Yang, Kevin Ota, Michael Skarka, Jennifer Christie, Ardi Dwornik, Bill Hofheimer, Gianina Thompson, Paul Melvin, Jay Jay Nesheim, Dave Nagle, Derek Volner, Molly Mita and Andy Hall also contributed to this post.

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