Colleagues Salute Burke Before Her HOF Honors Tonight

ESPN NBA analyst to receive Naismith's Curt Gowdy Media Award

EDITOR’S NOTE: Tonight in Springfield, Mass., ESPN NBA analystDoris Burke receives the Curt Gowdy Media Award during a ceremony at the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Burke joins an impressive list of ESPN commentators to receive the honor, including the legendary Dick Vitale, who was recognized 20 years ago. He offered friendly speechwriting advice earlier this week on Front Row. Other ESPN colleagues continue the salutes today, including Holly Rowe and Rebecca Lobo in the video above and Jay Bilas, Jackie MacMullan, Rachel Nichols and Cassidy Hubbarth below.

Jay Bilas, ESPN college basketball analyst, who received the Curt Gowdy Award in 2016

“I’m so pleased and proud to see the great Doris Burke receive the Curt Gowdy Award from the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Doris is a Hall of Famer in every conceivable regard. She is a trusted colleague and friend, and is one of the most authoritative voices in basketball. Doris has served in every conceivable capacity in the game, and has been a shining star in every role. She is an amazing teammate, and among the most talented and knowledgeable basketball people I’ve ever known. Simply put, Doris Burke is the best.”

Doris Burke (Scott Evans/ESPN Images)

Jackie MacMullan, ESPN senior writer, who won the Curt Gowdy Award in 2010

“From her first day behind the mic, Doris Burke exuded a warmth and a passion for the game that was undeniable. Her enthusiasm was exceeded only by her vast knowledge, a winning combination that transformed her into one of the most respected voices in her field.”

Rachel Nichols, host of ESPN’s The Jump

“I get smarter every time I get to listen to Doris at the broadcast table, and I can’t help but smile thinking of all the young girls, and young boys, out there listening to her as well. They’re going to grow up with Doris being such an established and respected part of the fabric of the NBA that it’s not that they’ll have an automatic answer to “is a woman qualified for that job?” – it’s that they will never even think to ask the question. That’s revolutionary, and that’s Doris.”

Cassidy Hubbarth, ESPN NBA reporter

You know how they say you should never meet your heroes? Well, Doris is the exception in so many ways. She is even cooler, even kinder and you really get a greater sense of her passion, work ethic and brilliance, in person. That says a lot since all those qualities jump off the screen when she’s on-air. She is the unquestioned GOAT and I’m so fortunate to not only be able to learn from her greatness but call her a dear friend. This honor is beyond deserved and DB should be celebrated always.

Jon McLeod and ESPN Production produced the video.

Anna Negron, Tara Chozet and Rachel Seigal contributed to this post.

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