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“The guests and personalities that come through Radio Row are probably better than anywhere else in Miami in terms of concentration.”

For the first time ever, ESPN Radio's 6 a.m.-6 p.m. ET lineup is airing live from the Super Bowl site

Elizabeth Fierman, ESPN senior manager, Event Marketing, leads the behind-the-scenes effort. (Elizabeth Fierman/ESPN)

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — ESPN Radio is at Super Bowl LIV in full force adding to the network’s extensive, multi-platform coverage. For the first time ever, the 6 a.m.-6 p.m. ET lineup is live from Radio Row at the Super Bowl Media Center at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The challenge of expanding ESPN Radio’s presence was almost a year in the making. Senior manager, event marketing, Elizabeth Fierman takes us through all that went into the new approach and what it means to have a full slate of shows from Miami.

“Our vision to increase our footprint began at Super Bowl last year. My initial conversations were mostly with senior director, network audio content, Justin Craig. We had a vision in our heads and it took months of conversations internally and with our partners at the NFL. I came down here for the first site visit with the NFL in September and started mapping it out.”

The Super Bowl Media Center at the Miami Beach Convention Center before the invasion. (Elizabeth Fierman/ESPN)

“We needed to look ‘show ready’ by Monday. Last week we placed our desk and made sure the stage was ready and that all the equipment we were expecting to receive, we received. Our technical setup began Monday.Tuesday was a full set day. We blocked camera shots and made sure there was connectivity back to control rooms where all the shows originate from.”

“We pre-tape interviews, record podcasts, capture segments for social, all while maintaining 12 hours of continuous, daily programming. It’s great for us because there are also shows here that don’t always travel. We’re really excited to have the recently launched First Take, Your Take with Jason Fitz on site. This is also the first time traveling for The Will Cain Show. And this year, Stugotz [Jon Weiner] is joining us, connecting across town with the rest of The Dan Le Batard Show team at the Clevelander [Hotel studio]. We also have the infrastructure in place for podcasting. We have Katie Nolan recording here along with Mina Kimes and ESPN Daily, and podcasts from the Le Batard & Friends Network also have a presence here.”

“Having an increased footprint, with a lot more visibility and investing in our full daytime lineup has been exciting for us. It’s great exposure for the shows and will lead to some incredible content. The guests and personalities that come through radio row are probably better than anywhere else in Miami in terms of concentration. This is a pretty big statement for us to be able to take our entire daytime lineup and give it that exposure to create the best content for our fans.”

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