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Zoom In: NBA Analyst Doris Burke Makes Her Points From Her Philly Home Studio

Zoom In offers a tighter focus on the tools, tricks and techniques ESPN uses to create memorable moments

(Allen Kee / ESPN Images)
(Allen Kee / ESPN Images)

ESPN’s inventive remote operations team recently surpassed its 500th “Live From Home” remote commentator installation and its 1,000th “Live From Home” remote event, far surpassing any other entity In sports broadcasting.

Today, we zero in on the Philadelphia-based home studio setup of the one and only Doris Burke. The Curt Gowdy Media Award winning broadcaster was the game analyst on March 11, 2020, calling what would be the final NBA game in four months due to the Covid-19 U.S. outbreak.

In the past year, Burke, like many ESPN commentators, has adjusted to several new ways of serving sports fans, including from inside the “NBA Bubble,” to returning on site at new locations in empty arenas, to calling games from home. Burke joins Mark Jones and Cassidy Hubbarth tonight to call Bucks vs. Sixers at 7 ET on ESPN.

“Doris is able to call the game by watching the PCR program, in conjunction with the Multi Viewer that provides her with additional camera feeds, plus a view of her partner on the game. The multi key talkback box allows her to hear PCR program audio, communicate to her partner, the production team, and the talent statistician (if required she also has visual access to statistics). The PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) on-air camera and lights allow us to visually put Doris on camera.”

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